Compassionate Support During Your Most Sacred Moments

Compassionate Support During Your Most Sacred Moments

Compassionate Support During Your Most Sacred MomentsCompassionate Support During Your Most Sacred Moments

My Journey

Ethan's Hope: Anencephaly Care, Ethan's Hope,  was conceived in 2013 after my husband and I faced a prenatal diagnosis of Anencephaly. January 22, 2013, at 15 weeks gestation, our fourth child, Ethan, was diagnosed with Anencephaly. Throughout our pregnancy, delivery, death, and funeral we were supported spiritually and emotionally by an amazing non-profit.  Ethan was born on June 19, 2013 and lived for a glorious and miraculous 21 minutes. Our decision to carry to term was worth every moment. Shortly after Ethan passed away, I formally trained with the amazing non-profit that supported us, Be Not Afraid. Ethan's Hope: Anencephaly Care officially launched in May of 2014 and I completed my extensive training with Stillbirthday soon after. Ethan's Hope: Anencephaly Care was changed to Ethan's Hope in 2014 to better encompass all families and so all families would know they are supported for any diagnosis. To date, I am the Ethan's Hope Founder,  Birth & Bereavement Doula,  Be Not Afraid Peer Minister, Be Not Afraid Doula Coordinator, Sufficient Grace Ministries Comfort Companion, and ULC Minister.

Ethan's Hope is a private  ministry that provides comprehensive emotional and spiritual support to families facing a diagnosis of Anencephaly. Our mission is to show love and compassion with honesty and integrity while educating families through encouragement, support and resources. Ethan's Hope Bereavement Services and Ethan's Hope are free services financially supported by other Birth and Bereavement Doula clients and families or loved ones of families that have experienced loss. Please consider giving a love offering to help support families facing loss.

None of the information or resources received from Ethan's Hope should be considered a substitute to professional medical care, advice or intended as a diagnosis or treatment. If you have questions regarding your personal health, psychiatric health, any medical diagnosis or treatment, please contact your medical professional or Physician. Ethan's Hope may not be held responsible for content contained within or the accuracy of the information found on linked sites as the content is subject to change at any time without notice.

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You can read about the miraculous life of Ethan Nicholas here: